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Welcome to Circles for Learning


Welcome to the home of Circles for Learning, a whole class, inquiry led, learning journey to support the development of learning skills, social skills, emotional literacy and wellbeing for children in KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Circles for Learning was developed by Alison Waterhouse: Founding Head of a Therapeutic Special School, SEN Consultant and Educational Psychotherapist, after years of supporting children staff and schools develop programmes to support learning skills, social skills and emotional literacy.

Circles for Learning uses baby observation in the classroom on a monthly basis to stimulate discussion and activities that develop learning skills, social skills and emotional wellbeing. It is led by the class teacher, who is trained to become the Learning Guide, supported with the specially designed Circles for Learning Resources. The resources act as a guide book and not a manual so that teachers can choose the focus they wish to develop, guided by the interests, difficulties or themes their class is experiencing.

Next Training:

3 days training: Tuesday 5th, 6th and 7th of September.

Venue: Bristol.

Contact Alison Waterhouse for details via 01580 881271 or via email on our contact page

What Head Teachers say:

Views of Head Teachers who have run the project in their school.

"Alison Waterhouse and her Circles for Learning project presented me with a unique opportunity to restore and develop emotional and social wellbeing to young learners in my school. The outcome for some of my most disaffected learners was profound. Circles for Learning has opened up a world of opportunities and provided fundamental emotional building blocks for all the children who experienced the project."
Head Teacher

"Circles for Learning is an innovative and compelling way for children to learn about what it is to be human. Through careful observation, questioning and dialogue the group discover the wonder of life, and have the opportunity to relate their growing knowledge and understanding to themselves and those around them. It is a vehicle through which children can explore the development of cognition, emotions, relationships and skills. It is a first rate example of learning at its best."
Head Teacher